I Pledge Allegiance To The United States Of Obama?

Photo: Getty Images

Over the weekend reports and pictures surfaced from the 50th Anniversary celebrating the "March on Washington" and Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" Speech, that featured more than just the celebration of words from the former leader, that inspired a nation and an entire generation to come together.  

For many, spotting American Flags that had been altered, featuring President Obama's face in the place of the 50 stars, it felt more like a Democrat or union rally, rather than a coming together to celebrate the once inspiring message that prayed for unity in our country.  

Does this President truly resinate that same message that blessed us with change or is his hope and change message more divisive and troubling?

Is it ever okay to alter this great flag that many have dedicated themselves to love, honor and protect and in many cases.... Die for?