Kathi Yeager


Thanks A Lot Miley!

Am I to understand the word "twerk" the NAUGHTY dance that Miley Cyrus displayed for all to see and gross out at, at the MTV Video Music Awards has now been.... (READY FOR THIS) added to Oxford Dictionaries?! REALLY?! The Oxford Dictionaries Online include all sorts of new "techie" and "social-slang" words, including digital detox, emoji, FOMO, geek chic, hackerspace, phablet, srsly and selfie, have also been added.

I have figured out some of these, but um... Not all of them. I guess that's why I need a dictionary to tell me what the heck they mean! Then again....

Are we altering the English language for this?! Is that really a good idea? Send a pamphlet home with parents of high schoolers so they know how to understand what their offspring is saying when they say these idiotic and temporary words! I get that! But to set the precedent we can alter proper English to keep up with the latest trends in the pop culture community?! That's absolutely "Derp:" A word used as a substitute for speech regarded as meaningless or stupid, or to comment on a foolish or stupid action.

Hey Look!  A "Selfie!"


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